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Binary options strategy

A binary options strategy for beginners

Each of the various binary options strategies can be found on https://www.profinances.fr/. The truth however is: only the very least work and many can cause more problems even in the long term than they are good. A sustainable and successful binary options strategy is not easy. Discipline, perseverance and a solid basic knowledge are the key to this. There are a few binary options strategies, which have now established themselves in the field of binary options, and which are popular both professional traders and beginners.

Although there are several binary options strategies, the strategies combines some similarities. For example, one such similarity is what a trading strategy is all in all. In the field of binary options, the strategies are based primarily on past experiences that have been made with the price development of the underlying. Also the past actions of the trader plays an important role for the development and use of strategies that apply of course to the future. Technically based binary options strategies to a large extent on trading signals. Most of the time a strategy consists of various trading signals. While each binary options focus strategy on a specific behavior of the market, so that the trader can choose quite, what strategy fits most closely to his goals and ideas.

With the right strategy successfully trade binary options

One of the first tips that give expert beginners with on the way, want to learn a binary options strategy: put money that you don’t really miss in case of loss. And invest not immediately high sums. Numerous binary options brokers allow traders even small investments with stakes from about 25 euros.


Editor’s Note: the broker profinances.fr/avis/anyoption/ allows you to trade binary options 25 euros and also offers a free elite Tradingpaket.

Ends an option with a such a small sum of money, the loss is bearable, for this one but has learned anything without paying learned the hard way. Solid binary options tips explain also the respective strategies. The easiest there is the trend following strategy. This is recommended for longer-lasting price moves in one direction. Of course also experienced and seasoned traders can use strategy this binary options as a base, especially if they are more conservative. The Volatilitätsstrategie is used in very troubled markets with high price movements and often has the latest news of the company as a basis. Here, the price movement changes in a matter of seconds.

With the right strategy successfully trade binary options


There are different strategies to choose from, and each trader for themselves need to find out he wants to track what binary options strategy in detail. There are three strategies used by many traders with success so far, namely these:

The trend following binary strategy

The hedging options strategy

Not just the strategies are important in the segment binary options, especially for newbies also binary options tips can be very helpful. A good binary options strategy is in a sense always the basis for it to trade successfully with these special options. Also various binary options can help tips and tricks to trade routinely and successfully in the course of time. Therefore, we have put together some binary options tips here.

A good binary options strategy profinances.fr/strategie-option-binaire/ for online trading is the be-all and end-all

A good binary options strategy and first tips from professionals are a good basis for a successful start as a trader after opening a merchant account. As the financial instruments are too diverse, as being one to overlook all the important details able as a beginner without any binary options tips. Trading without background knowledge? Thus, you risk first and foremost to recognize not the breadth of services and possibilities of binary trade has to offer. And that would mean finally interesting features to forego that enable optimal alignment of the own trading strategy may be in individual cases. The binary options shows step by step instructions, what matters, to make money in this exciting and easy-to-learn, but also risky derivatives trading. Requires a little patience in the implementation of the theories in later trading on the real money account. This patience can pay off but then above-average. Extensive training of the broker enables


How to trade binary options?

Binary options is the “establishment” or investment based on the movements of stock prices, currencies and even gold and silver within a specified time. A person selling/buying option selects whether the value of the shares or the currency will rise or fall, and the period in which it is to take place may be for a number of years, up to a few minutes. Recently, a very loud is a Web-based investments to trade on financesplus binary options like “everything or nothing”-for which you can receive the results within an hour.

Most of these options are winning or money or a percentage proportionate to our investment in the contract, with respect to the participation of other brokers in investment in a specific currency or an action. In the case of the “all or nothing”, if the market will not move according to our expectations, we will lose all money invested in the action or currency. However, in the case of certain options, you can receive a refund of part of the money (for example: If an action or currency has an assessment on the level of 46, then by investing $ 10 per percentage point, we can win $ 540, or lose $ 460).

Binary option 3

Monetization strategies Binary options

If you have experience in securities trading at the stock exchange, we have some inkling as to which way it will change the course of the stock or currency-based on data from the past. In the case of binary options is even simpler, due to the fact that we do not provide the high or low level rises or falls, the value of the investment asset within a specified time. If you have experience with certain companies and we know what they think investors during working hours-then digital options become an easy form of investing methode de trading les options binaire.

We can also analyze the stocks of these companies over the years and watch when the usual increases or decreases their value. We have a chance to make money when the price rises or decreases, depending on which option you choose – whether we will buy or sell. However, if any of us really has a lot of experience gained in the stock market, then you know that there is no such thing as “safe”, you just can’t be wrong in 100% of cases.

Returns with trading online

Observation of world events and messages may give some indication of what will happen with some stocks or currencies in relative future. Although you can get the impression that we earn on the adverse news, when we invest in an option put binary options strategy used for the currency of the country that has experienced a big shock, but it is nothing other than a good deal. The tragedy of one man in this world can become a dream for some of the investor, through which it can make a huge profit.

Investing in binary options and forex is possible with the best cfd broker etoro 2016 .  you should always make sure that you do not invest more money than we can afford to lose. Good investor knows when to stop, because he knows that always happens to be another good day.


FOREX brokers

The magnifying glass on the brokers in the United States. Forex brokers.

Following our study of FOREX, this time we will focus on FOREX brokers, especially in which of these brokers have better numbers in terms of accounts with gains in their ranks. We know that the world of speculation in foreign exchange is somewhat complex and where we can find us some trileros than another.


Our research is carried out through the information provided by different pages specialized in FOREX (see final references) and in the studies of some brokers (also referenced at the end of the article).

Periodically from the magazine Forex Magnates, these studies that can give us an indication of the best brokers are, or which have presented some better numbers as to which of them have presented more customers with benefits over a certain time, this table we can see that they are presenting these data classified by “%” and “Qs” per year are performed.

Also from Forex Magnates, we can see an evolution from the previous Q so yes canhelp us in our task of seeing that brokers are less reliable. Indicate that it is convenient to also analyze brokers that have a high ‘%’ of accounts with benefits but who also have many accounts and as suspected we turn to come up with important like FXCM, OANDA or even Interactive Brokers FOREX Brokers.

FOREX brokers reports

Attached the reports generated by the specialized magazine skewing results for quarters during the year of 2012.

FXCM: Other brokers of FOREX to take into account.

Within the own broker FXCM and its corporate website, they tend to publish reportscustomized and differentiated in quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). Already many brokers (i.e. not everyone in Spain) could take example and start to present this informationmore clearly and visibly as possible. Sure you own the consumer demand will makesuch reports be made public and all we may gain (the customer by greater transparency and the broker because win more customers for their services). Accountability in FXCM is that clarified that most of the reports are focused on the foreign exchange market and United States, with which it is possible to number or percentages vary (and enough) or from European houses. But they are facts which agree to be testedfor approach as us reality as much as possible. It seems that it is not as black as theypainted it with respect to the Brokers of FOREX, or Yes? Seeing reports that show usmagazines and specialized forums of us it seems that an impossible task is not the road to consistency to the Trader. They have repeated over and over again that onlyget 10% of traders to succeed, although seeing the numbers on the table the probability it is still negative but with some nuances that invite us to be somewhat more optimistic (not forgetting our ongoing training, training and risk management). THE FACT IS PRESENTED COURTESY OF FOREXMAGNATES VERSION REDUCED A REPORT ABOUT THE PROFITABILITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE CURRENCY BASED IN THE U.S. THE FIGURE MOST PROMINENT RUNNERS THE CUSTOMER PROFITABILITY WAS 39.1% AVERAGE TRADERS COUNTING WITH AROUND 24,000 ACTIVE ACCOUNTS.Conclusions again, I want to invite to the caution in interpreting these studies, sincethe human being by nature goes from euphoria to despair in a matter of seconds and more when there may be a certain margin of media manipulation, but if it were true, would still be a good “%” throwing us some hope to lovers of the currency market. Broker factor returns to come to light in these reports seeing as they vary the results of a broker to another… gives to think. By this I mean that you look you thousand times that counts each of them and above all to speak with people who alreadyhave has open with each of them and tell you their experience with FOREX Brokers.

Function and interpretation of economic forex calendar

Function and interpretation of the economic calendar

Function and interpretation of the economic calendar in FOREX thanks to economic calendars can know beforehand the indicators that will be published on the day of each week, and that can certainly affect the financial markets.

In a calendar FOREX will also appreciate online provides details of the most recent economic events, also upcoming events and even expectations about future news, which will make us to estimate whether the result is worse than expected or better.

We can see in the following picture a practical example of what would be an economic schedule on any given day: example of economic calendar pullback trading economic calendar plays a vital role in the macro-economic or fundamental analysis.

For lovers of the news and those who want to operate for these (do not forget that this news cause great volatility in the markets because of its importance), all these events and macroeconomic indicators can be analysed by the economic calendar that even changing the format of a service provider or another, they all meet their function, which is the offer of guide or warning to those investors who move mostly in markets or financial derivatives of currency.


As we mentioned, the economic calendar lists scheduled events and economic indicators to be published, with its publication date and projected estimate for each economic indicator next to the previous results. The news and price volatility are closely related. So more relevant or shocking news.

More movement in prices will cause

More movement in prices will cause. This way when an indicator macroeconomic, if published and projected outcome does not vary substantially with the previous result is unveiled, probably not consider a significant change of trends on the FOREX market. However, if the published economic data differ greatly estimated projections and the previous result, the market will probably react with force, and thus investors basing their strategies of trading on macro economic issues take advantage of these economic differences to take profits with the fluctuations of currencies which occur as a result.

However there are to take into account that many times the market digests advance economic changes and many other market anticipates this type of economic gaps, and can therefore be that event or economic indicator in question do not impact on the FOREX market with the advance force. One of the reasons may be filtering news by insiders or any event which do have information early to the “Smart-Hands” (the famous and dreaded strong hand).

On the other hand, from the macroeconomic point of view, the decisions on monetary policy carried out by the monetary authorities of different States also acquire great relevance in the forex market.

Both press conferences that provide Presidents and Governors of central banks and also the minutes or minutes that are drafted after the closure of each session making a central bank to public knowledge, are anticipated in the economic calendar where we can take knowledge of these events and when it will happen.

In addition the interest rate or interest rates of reference setting central banks, and the operations of open market or the fixation of active policies, tend to impact heavily on the foreign exchange market and the measures usually are advertised or insinuate indirectly through speeches or changes in the votes that are recorded in the bosom of the major central banks and emerge such changes of the proceedings or Bank minutes published for public knowledge.

The effects of economic policies and announcements of the type macro economic

In this way we understood why Forex economic calendar plays a fundamental role to analyze macro-economic causes. As a general rule, when a Central Bank raises interest rates, the currency of that State can be seen. Similarly when a Central Bank decides to cut interest rates, currency depreciates associated with that State. It is because the importance of monetary policy in the Forex market. Fundamental investors often follow closely the minutes and the minutes are published by the monetary authorities, as well as speeches and press conferences that tend to give the Governors and Presidents of the central banks, since they may involve the future monetary policy.

It should also be kept in mind, that not only from the central banks of the world events cause impact on the market of foreign currency, but events of Governments, international organizations, entrepreneurs, risk rating agencies and people with roots and weight of leadership are often able to affect the market. We must bear in mind that stability in monetary politics translates into increase of economic attraction among foreign investors, who invest capital in the country and consequently the national currency can be seen. Same opposite effect takes when the situation political economic it deteriorates, which usually tends to produce an influx of capital and to a deterioration in the national currency.

Forex economic calendar, is one of the main tools of fundamental or macroeconomic analysis, and as we are in other sections focuses on the cause, and explores the political, social and economic variables that affect the supply and demand of financial instruments. Fundamental analysis analyzes, describes and interprets macroeconomic indicators and the main thing monetary political decisions. In this way it pays special attention to the overall economic environment, the political and monetary situation and future prospects of global development. Therefore we need to understand the importance of macroeconomic indicators in the foreign exchange market.

The fundamental indicators and global economic analysis

Each country regularly publishes various economic data, indicating the economic status of the various sectors of the national economy. These indicators reveal to investors or traders if the economy is expanding or otherwise if there is a decline due to economic contraction. Understand the value of these results generally is very important because insinuate monetary policies that should be taken to stabilize the economy of the country concerned. Sustain economic growth under control, preventing inflation or hyperinflation, each central bank uses many tools to ensure a gradual growth or to stimulate it, thus defining a particular monetary policy. One of the most common tools used in current economic cycles are the adjustments of interest rates. During a period of economic growth are usually increased interest rates, phenomenon that attracts investors to invest capital. On the other hand, a reduction in interest rates is often a tool used to promote the growth and consumption, and is one of theways to deal with recessionary economic periods.

By nature, investors always seek the best performance for your money, so move it currency currency according to the differential in interest rates. In summary, in the economic calendar we can observe at which time indicators will be published or will happen events, and country to which belongs the publication or event, also observable previous results, forecasts, and current figures when they are already known, andthis with respect to each economic indicator or incident of importance, referring also to the posted period.

The relevance of the fundamental news on the economic calendar

Much higher note has an indicator or event, greater impact will be in the currency market and the degree of impact that will have the event or indicator on the market using the words low, medium and high inside the box of impact or impact is usually classified. Forex economic calendar are all indicators and scheduled economic events that will be published in each country. These events and indicators have an effect varied in the currency market as we already are. Following forex economic calendar, an investor can adjust operations according to the same, knowing that the economic results that are published or the events that will happen could affect foreign exchange transactions. On the Internet there are plenty of economic calendars that may help us in our operations, whether we operate core or if we try to avoid them.

Knowing the Forex market

We know the foreign exchange market, as the largest financial market and enjoys with greater liquidity in the world. This type of market is also known as the foreign exchange market Forex, currency or also by his initials (most commonly used in Anglo-Saxon as “FX” circles).


But what a currency?

The currency, would be typical of a country currency and whocan quote (or not) in the market. For example, in the spot spot (spot) market, facesa currency of a country to another serving as the base currency, so would the priceand strength of one currency against another.

Seeing more operated coin, can get an idea of which is the reference in the currentmarket, as you can guess and check in the following graphic, is the US dollar the most operated in volume of transactions with an 84.9% (data extracted according to studies carried out in 2010):

most operated currencies in the Forex market

Forex, a new concept of investing in the medium term

What no doubt with the evolution of markets and new technologies have fostered increasingly will operate in this type of markets which are more and more actors notonly at the institutional level, but at level “retail” who are attracted by the behaviourof certain pairs of currencies with high volatility, also promoting the increase in studies on techniques of “hedging” or coverage.

Some of the concepts that are taken into account when developing medium to longterm investment strategies

Explain that involve this type of short, medium or long-term investment techniques,it can be a problem, given that many of these techniques are developed through the study of different interest rates.

They are many of the investors who opt to take up positions of coverage in order tohave certain benefits in the medium or long term and in turn reduce the risk.

We will not go into this type of techniques of arbitration in the currency market since it is a complex concept, but many of these techniques are based on concepts such as the following:

correlation with pair

correlation triangular

Cointegration are increasingly more investors that are optimizing and readapting their investment strategies in the medium or long-term, based on these types of analysis through which you can get benefits and reduce the risk. Advantages about the investment in the short and medium term in the foreign exchange market some of the benefits we can get when thinking of investing in the Forex market are the following:

Transfer the purchasing power between coins and measure the strength of these.

Beavailable from the investor or speculator of instruments or financial vehicles that help to promote international trade.

Offer different ways to perform investment systems through the “hedging” or coverages, techniques of arbitration or even speculationin the short term.

Different types of environments to operate in the foreign exchange market even if it is true that all types of currency in the end markets end up intertwining in one way or another, if it is convenient to know identify different types ofmarkets where you can operate with currency: market of financial options futures (6A, 6B, 6 c etc…) Currency market Forex (Spot) each type of Forex market (Forwards) term, will have its own regulation, control and regulations so it is convenient to studyeach of these markets separately. In short, we need to know the stage to perform the operation.

Does your FOREX broker that you earn?

For some time thanks to some advice from a friend and my master, a question markI has woken up about how financial derivatives operations gear and especially FOREX. The best advice that I gave on the subject was: “would like to know how to movein the foreign exchange market? “Perfect, tries to inform you of as work inside” andthat was what I did, I started researching a little about the operation of the types ofbrokers in the foreign exchange market.

A little history about the FOREX


The foreign exchange market – FOREX a few years ago, in 1999, Forex trading to the retail (market “retail”) or individual simply did not exist. Trading in the foreign exchange market was more or less restricted, where only operated the big banks, “HedgeFunds” and managers of large estates. The minimum size of operations was generally $ 1,000,000 USD with what we can get an idea at that level moved these foreign exchange operations. However, soon spread the idea about the profit potential of enclosing Forex trading with that increasingly, more people wanted to come into this game, colliding with boundaries that could not operate in the traditional interbank market because large sums of money were not available to work on currencies. There was a growing need for access to foreign exchange markets to investors who had around 10,000 to $50,000 to invest, or even less, so the currency market to the retail was born and opened the door to small businesses. At this stage new currency brokers flourished (and yet they continue to do so) rising quickly to meet this high demand, however, this aspect of Forex trading is very delicate and tries to always be regulated to maximum. Result of this boom, there were all kinds of companies and concepts developed to regulate and control such operations, as well as witnessing the creation of the concept of “market maker” (market maker) many brokers we have today operate with the mechanisms to be “market maker” or typical model “bucketshop”, where we ask ourselves to studying the inner workings of their own mechanismsof purchase/sale operations if these guys actually they have interest in seeing that we have success in an operation or not.

Types of brokers

As we discussed in the last article, FOREX brokers could be classified in the following way: types of brokers classified by the type of operation to market perform.

But… What is a market maker?


The dilemma a market maker broker (market maker) is a company or an individualwho is listed both the purchase price and the selling price of a financial instrumentor raw, distributing the supply and demand and creating a flow of liquidity from themarket to its participants and vice versa. The market for a specific financial instrument can have multiple market makers and each market maker may be for several markets market maker. In the forex market the market makers tend to be banks, institutions, trade currency, companies or set of them, which are always available to buy orsell a given volume of a continuous and regular at a public price immediately.

From the official website of the NFA (National Futures Association – United States),a market maker is defined:

As a professional dealer that has the obligation to buy when there is an excess of sales orders and sell when there is an excess of purchase orders. This refers to the market markers are the counterpart of its customers (investors and traders), i.e., when amarket maker receives an order from a customer, seeks an order that compensates it of another client; in the case of an excess of a particular type, the market maker orders not may be offset this order with the order from another customer, having theobligation to then buy (or sell) the customer or take this operation to the market. This obligation has a volume limit which is obligation disappears, which depends on the regulatory body or legislation affecting the market maker monitor operations to be as fair as possible; because of this limit, a very large order may not be executed atthe same price in different market markets. Market maker name comes from the fact that it provides continuous liquidity and to regulate its customers: for example, there may be a customer of a market maker who wants to buy and this order in turn isabsorbed by the market maker, with what operation outweighs her with the order of another client, acting as a buffer against possible failures of market liquidity (case in which an investor wants to buy (or sell) and there is a counterpart in the market who wants to sell (or buy)), i.e., creates a market among its clients.

No doubt the will above has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on with that type of broker are dealing. Here good fame among customers and regulators have much to say in choosing who we want to operate in the Forex market, thereforealways recommend asking a thousand times and advise well before opening an account with one or the other.

The market makers in the forex market

The majority of trading in the forex market companies are market markers. The majority of commercial transactions in forex are over-the-counter (non-standardised and centralised market transactions) and the market maker providing liquidity to clients buying or selling to their customers. This service of the market maker is compensated by the differential between the price offered by a buyer client and the price offered by a seller client and the market price of (spread), which reduces the transactioncosts for investors.

The market makers are offering to every second of the day firm purchase and sale prices, prices that are refreshed every 30 seconds according to the supply and demand. Then, the investor can accept those prices even when there is an opposing party,because this offer is assimilated by the market makers. They are then ensuring the continuity of the market to participate when necessary. In addition, they must act independently of the operation to suppose him a profit or a loss.

The market makers have to be registered and authorized to operate by institutions such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), U.S., or European Financial Services Authority (FSA).

The function of the Market Makers

Well, despite the infamous urban that rotates through forums and others should not be forgotten that market makers meet a basic but necessary function is to give access to the market and would be available to the investor or speculator middle (hence the term creator of market). In order to do that, they have to be able to cover all orders that are placed in its trading platform, and do so through the adoption of be the consideration (or what is the same thing the other side) retail operator.

Well, since these brokers will have a contrary position open to all contracts that we opened or closed, implicitly the broker will lose money whenever we have a winningoperation. Imagine that you bought the pair EUR / USD, since it believed that the Euro is going to shoot.

Well, in order to provide access to the market for you, the broker will have to take asell position in EUR / USD so that trade can be made. You always have to think thatour broker if it is market maker will be ‘the other side’. And we must bear in mind that the creator of forex market never, never going to directly tell his negotiating table mechanism, this would be like walking naked down a street crowded at rush hour, since they have only their ranks with a small minority of traders who really understand their business model completely, and therefore the majority of traders will be victim of this opacity or lack of knowledge of the gear of the negotiation.

Non Dealing Desk (without operating table)

In general terms it could be defined to the Non Dealing Desk as the intermediate option between a Market Maker and an ECN broker, the NDD basically operate with similar platforms (sometimes the same) Market Makers but its spread is variable, at times of low volatility is 1 pip less than Dealing Desk but in times of high volatility may be 15 or 20 pips above this due to that the aim of these is to be a little closer to the ECN, i.e., provide only input to the interbank market without interfering with prices or the liquidity of the same. Its main advantages are a lower Spread in times of low volatility and having friendly platforms similar to the Dealing Desk, as disadvantages are higher requirements for opening accounts, a less leverage available and not guarantee execution on the orders.

And the brokers will reach ECN other type of model of business forex broker is called a network of electronic communications (ECN), the agent has a personal interest in knowing that operation are doing.

To understand how this type of configuration, remember that any runner aims to provide access to the markets and the liquidity, simply. A creator of forex market is based on taking the opposite direction to the operation as your make, on the other hand an ECN broker not routing this purchase order trade through its network of communications and congruence with other trade (for example, if you place an order in a particular currency pair, the ECN it would coincide with another merchant that is on the side of the sale of that same pair).

ECN brokers are really the best option, since it is much easier to make money through a broker that offers this type of commercial facility. Since they have no personal interest in lost money and instead only cares to offer a network where can fulfill theirorders to other traders, never had any problem withdraw their profits as you can have with a market maker.

It is as we said of electronic networks collecting the prices published by multiple market participants, showing the best prices among all available. Usually spreads in theECNs have variable amplitude depending on the activity in each pair, shrinking in times of increased activity to such an extent that sometimes there is no practically spread, especially in the Majors (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF).

The ECNs earn money by charging a small Commission to change clients. Therefore,because its operation scheme, the ECNs have less incentive to manipulate prices acting as simple intermediaries between two parties. However, the volatility of prices inan ECN tends to be higher than in a Market Maker network even though scalping isallowed without restrictions; in fact, given that it is possible to set prices within the quoted fork, we can act as a counterpart to other traders. However, platforms of trading of the ECNs are usually not so showy, not give so many free services (graphics, news) as a Market Maker and its management tends to be somewhat more complex.


Search forex broker profitability studies. All brokers have their advantages and disadvantages depending on as to execute operations that we launched them. NodeName seen balance it could tilt to the ECN, but it should not be forgotten that the MM ifit is a good broker does not have why scare us when choosing it. Find references through your teammates and friends and insurance that can guide you a bit.

Anyway to give you an idea there are any studies by FOREX MAGNATES that may help you make a clear decision in this regard. Herewith a table so that you remove doubts: profitability of accounts of forex Broker and evolution over time.

Da to think. As you can see the number of profitable accounts varies from a brokeror another, with which we orient ourselves with these regular studies carried out.

The best time to operate the Euro Dollar

Say to those who are not familiar with the currency market, the Euro Dollar pair is without doubt if not that more of the most important in the foreign exchange market(with permission from the “Cable” or pound Dollar). This currency pair is continuously operated practically all day and can give us a clue of the strength of the economic zones of the planet’s largest. As we have said on another occasion, operate on currency can be done through various means or markets: options. Currency futures. Forex market.

What does the Euro Dollar so attractive to an investor or trader currency pair?

No doubt any operator that intraday trading, may be attracted by investment and trading systems based on price breaks based on two fundamental factors: an active trading volume. The increase in the volatility of the prices. If these two factors we become allies ours when it comes to trading, we can design a good system for the Euro Dollar, but previously have to do some research of field on the market.

Better operate the Euro Dollar futures than Forex for this system.

Why do we recommend to use the Euro Dollar futures to use this trading system? Because volume reading will be reliable, given that you as you know in the forex market to be a decentralized environment, we would be doing readings of volume of our own online broker negotiating and not that of the global market as it does in the future of the Euro Dollar (6E). System could be used for Forex, but can have some incorrect readings and consequently could bad trading decisions and mistakes at the entrance.

How to identify the best hours to operate in the Euro Dollar?

Well we have the answer through graphics, (a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case two). Our initial task is to take several charts the future of the Euro Dollar and put him only two indicators: an indicator of volume. An indicator of volatility on the price. With these two indicators, what we will do is a first analysis in order to study the market (product and each market is different) and locate reading both volumeand volatility increases.

See the graphic example attached: increases in volume and volatility in the Dollar Euro as shown in the first chart we see that a great window of opportunity opens from08:15 hours in the morning, after this time always tend to appear interesting tours in the price. But we continue investigating, let’s get the temporality of the graph 5 minutes at the Euro Dollar asset to see if you can determine a little better this window of opportunity of trading:finan

Bingo! We have found thanks to the Keltner Channel indicator that gives us a simple average of volume and volatility a zone of rupture of the price that would indicate us a good trip on our investment operations on this asset of the Euro Dollar.


In a nutshell we have done the following in the second graph: on NinjaTrader have sought active 6E (Euro Dollar) have set the indicator of volatility Keltner Channel for the volume we have started reading this and a 40 period moving average based on volume have searched areas of break in le graphic. In the event that we have exposed that we is from 09:00 am when the market is prone to give chances like that you have explained in the article. Do you like? Share it amig @!

Looking for the best time of the FOREX (the Asian session)

We talked in past articles on the FOREX (Forex trading), which could be the best schedule for trading on foreign exchange operations. But in this article we will talk about that currency pairs are more indicated operate based on a certain time zone.

As it is natural and given that we live in a time cycle of commercial activity, each pair of currencies on the basis that commercial range of maximum activity shall can beoperated with a volatility higher at certain times (remember that what we want is toperform operations of short-term volatility in the FOREX is essential before us a serious scare.


There is nothing more dangerous in the FOREX that enter the market within hours of low volatility and even over without trend or low trend, the market currently is inoperable and avoid operations currently. To avoid this, what we will do is find more volatile and more negotiated pairs (more liquid) in each strip of time and to have another factor in our favor.

The great financial centers of the world. You have to identify the big.

The eight largest financial centers in the world are:

  • United States
  • Japan
  • SwitzerlandSingapore
  • HongKong
  • Australia
  • France

Although there are other financial centers around the globe, the hours of operationof these centres are concentrated in three so-called session: Asian session (is wherewe will focus on this article) European session American what hours are the best tooperate a couple of FOREX in particular? The Forex market operates 24 hours a dayand as a result, it is impossible for a trader to monitor all movements to the detail of each currency pairs and get an idea of the status of each of the markets throughout the day, we are human beings and not machines, so we won’t be aware of our screen 16 hours continuously Since it reduces our performance and cause us that we cometiésemos errors of precipitation or perception. Less is more.

To achieve an effective investment strategy

To achieve an effective investment strategy, it is important to investigate times greater activity is carried out in markets and refine them by time slots. With this plan we will achieve focus in having more windows of opportunity that offers us a market, inour case a currency pair. Remember: Our goal is to seek maximum VOLATILITY of the major FOREX PAIRS and write down the hours. The Asian session (Tokyo): from 19:00 hours to 04:00 hours (hours EST) the FX trading (FX acronym is associated with FOREX) in Asia is dominated by Tokyo, followed by Hong Kong and Singapore markets. We could say that the central bank of Japan is one of the most influential in the rest of the markets especially at this hour. Tokyo is also the first Asian to open market and many participants study the behavior of its opening to follow with their own strategies later. In addition levels of Tokyo are taken from reference by the big HedgeFunds to locate important reference levels. For the traders who have more tolerance for risk, we could say that the following pairs would be good to operate at these times: USD/JPY GBP/CHF GBP/JPY range that moves a pair within the Asian window (time in EST) attach various graphics where checks the volatility in the Asian session.


Schedules return to remember that they are in EST, in which you have to convert them to our area time (in Spain we must pass it to UTC + 1 or UTC + 2 depending on whether we are in summer time) [highlight] or what is the same add 6 hours. [/highlight] being the understood this session between the 01:00 to 10:00 in the morning. It is our responsibility to put the stops on the basis of our experience and knowledge, since we know that they will be hours of maximum volatility and it is better to havecontrolled our stop-loss and our operations.

After a quiet fishing with neighboring weekend, begins the Asian session…


Graph ofvolatility during the Asian session the liquidity Forex again during the Asian session.The market is in operation through financial centers in Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and Russia on this occasion, among others. The currency in which most transactions in this period are made is the Japanese yen. The more volatile pairs during this session include GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF, USD/JPY and AUD/JPY. There are key forces influencing the volatility of these pairs, with the main new contributions from Japan,Australia, New Zealand and China, with which any macroeconomic data (fundamental News) related to these countries can contribute to volatility in the pair that we seek to operate. Great shark waits for prey does not want that you do illusions within the extreme difficulty which is the trading of currencies, are one of the most complexsessions. Usually during this session they tend not to have many important movements and their movements in range tend to be exploited by operators specialized in trading of high frequency (HFT High frequency Trading), this to a certain extent prevents operators retail as we read correctly market; Moreover, they often appear entries full of Fakes (delusions) that prevent us from seeing the real address of the market.

Tips to learn Forex trading

We have just passed a guide to insurance that will you be interesting for those whowant to learn more about Forex trading in any of the markets that are enabled to do this (Trade Forex, futures, currencies, ETFs etc…) We hope that with this guide that you share, it easier at least in broad terms, which means the purchase market sale of currency.

The first steps in Forex trading

The first steps in Forex trading if you consider yourself a restless person and are interested unless the fundamentals that govern currency trading and you’ve even raisedyou on occasion, begin to operate through financial markets, say that it is possible to acquire the degree of specialization, to which we must obviously have always on our side (in addition to the experience clear).

The problem that most likely you’ll encounter, when it comes to investigate the concepts of Forex trading, is that it is very likely in this quest for knowledge, you get completely erroneous conclusions and that consequently lead you to another away goal which you had set for a start when it comes to consider being a currency trader.

Perhaps part of the blame, it have those ads promising, or certain eBooks are whereinculcated certain types of promises or bad technical training they start to a bad race. The problem of today, is the excess of information on foreign exchange markets and low quality.

If you take some time in the financial markets, perhaps you realize that lot of printmedia, whether printed or electronic, books abuse of terms that are nothing more than a “collage” difficult to understand and often have very poor quality.

Furthermore this type of information is handled in different books of trading or investment when it comes to Forex trading, are often so complex that neither the authors themselves are able to apply themselves their methods or systems of investment.

Over time, you will end up knowing, that behind this world of Forex trading lies another where thousands of investors who have not fulfilled their dreams as investors and traders try to compensate their profits through the sale of disreputable methods.

Fake gurus in the financial markets and their proliferation over the Internet the relatively easy access to the Forex market, makes each new day unwary or clueless to fallinto networks of trading under the trade names dazzling fake gurus.

These types of trading

These types of trading gurus will try at all costs we offer all kinds of services and financial counseling in Exchange for a reasonable sum of money. It is not that we are against the payment for training, is that we are against there are people profiting at the expense of others, without making a clear contribution to a system or investmentstrategy that helps each go their own way.

All of this is that we also wanted to make a little stop on the road to also alert you of this type of “characters” that abound across the network.

Forex trading is not easy at all friend, awake, have to tell you that trade in the Forexmarket is not easy, as guru of the day painted it you.

That Yes, could reach some consistency in the markets and get to be a good trader forex with some dedication, effort and of course discipline. The reality is that it is thatthis continues to be another hard work and should be treated with the same amount of seriousness as you would with any other career.

Yes, Forex trading requires certain qualities that not everyone gathers and for this reason, so just pulling the towel.

The effect of all these gurus, discussed above, is that many currency traders begin too optimistic, by setting unrealistic goals in the short term. Learn forex trading canbe a lot of effort not only economic but also personal.

While there is nothing wrong with a positive mental attitude, but this positivity it must be built on realistic expectations and solid bases. New currency traders typicallybegin their career by purchasing a set of indicators of secrecy and are punished quickly for his ingenuity. Many of these currency traders and then buy a different set ofsecret indicators until they are disillusioned and then out of trade. In fact, many whoare now successful currency traders passed through this learning process.

This is only a problem if you refuse to learn from their mistakes. It is necessary to break this cycle of dependency of the technical indicators which both encourage us touse, and of course discard these secret methods that the guru of the day announced to succeed in trading. Even knowing some tricks that will take you to learn Forex trading, never can one be considered expert because conditions in financial marketsare constantly changing.


You can build your way, you rely on the following principles: learn to think if same and understand why, while any person can be operate in FOREX, to succeed, you must learn the rules that govern the markets. Would advice you give to the rest of readers about learn Forex trading? Invite you to leave your own opinions!

Binary options: investment or trading?

When it comes to binary options often used, equivalently, binary options and investin expressions “to trade binary options”. In fact the meaning is identical and one would think that the expressions are synonyms. And I’m close. To be fair, though, it would be much more appropriate to speak of binary options trading. Let’s see why andwe also see why this has a significant impact on operational strategies that then we use when we work concretely on markets.

Investment or trading?

We start from the fundamental point: the difference between investing and trading.When it comes to investment, generically, refers to the use of a sum of money (generally derived from savings but isn’t necessarily true, can I invest money I borrowed) to buy financial assets or real estate, in hopes of getting a future profit. The investment is characterized for an investment, for an asset on which you point to an awaited return at the end of the investment. It should be remembered, however, that the return there is always. All investments, without exception, have an inherent risk of loss, partial and total.

If we think of the safest investment of all, that in government bonds, we see that the money is (almost) safe but the returns are usually very small. If we invest in safer Government bonds (Tbond USA, German bond, etc …) the actual return is negative because it is below the rate of inflation. In this limiting case, basically, we’re paying because our money is stashed.

Binary options things look more or less the same: there is an amount of money thatis invested on a derivative financial instrument, there is an expected return and a possible loss (not likely if you are working with licensed brokers CONSOB and with a rational trading strategy).

Characteristics of binary options

The differences between binary options and most investments lies in the fact that binary options are highly speculative. This means that the returns are significantly higher (the average yield of many binary options came in at 85% and yields can also tap 1010 tips%), that the amount of loss was therefore correspondingly higher (but we always talk about theoretical loss, in reality things go very differently) and above all on the fact that the time horizon of binary options is significantly smaller than that of any other investment.

When trading binary options you are working, on average, with a time limit of 60 seconds. Greedy traders and bravest now operate almost always 30 seconds becausewith the appropriate trading strategies you can get higher profits just by working with 30 seconds.

Talk about an investment that lasts only 30 seconds might seem a real blasphemy: that’s why when we refer to binary options is more appropriate (though not strictly necessary) use the word trading instead of investing.

Another important difference between digital operations many other types of investment is also in the amount of the amounts invested. When it comes to traditional investments, very often we have to take into account to use several thousand euros per transaction, not least that otherwise profits would be eaten completely high commissions present. In the case of binary options, first you have to remember that you don’t keep paying commissions and there is not even any spread. Profits are at 100% of traders and this already makes the difference. In addition, the amounts invested are much much lower. To say, you can open a trading account with only 250 euro (and in some cases even with 100 euro). But be careful that the money on the trading account are only supported, do not belong to the broker and remain in total and full availability of the trader. The amount of individual transactions, however, is a few tens of euros. Of course we talk about minimum amount, then clearly every trader is perfectly free to do whatever he wants. All this makes us understand that binary options are a very, very particular about investment and it is always better to talk to trading.

From an operational point of view about what motivates this reasoning? Of course to always consider with extreme rationality our binary operations. This isn’t a game, it’s a way to earn a lot available to everyone, even to those who don’t have great preparation in the financial sector, but we must be able to operate.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Before you start trading with options you must have the capital to invest. This capital can be achieved in two ways: through the store or through the bonus. The depositis the transfer of money to the broker from a checking account, credit card, electronic payment system. The bonus is the free accreditation of a sum of money by the broker.

Two methods form the initial capital

These two methods form the initial capital: most brokers expect a welcome bonus that is released when depositing, in some cases only on the first. In some cases you can get a bonus without any deposit. However it is very rare and, at the moment, none of the binary options brokers of quality planning this type of bonus.

To start trading is therefore necessary to make a first deposit. The deposit is in no way to be construed as a transfer of ownership of the money. The money always remains the property of trader. Even in the unfortunate event of insolvency (or bankruptcy) that were to hit the broker, money remains the absolute property of the trader.

How to make a deposit

There are several deposit methods: credit card, bank transfer, payment with Paypalor electronic systems (formerly known as Moneybookers). Each of these systems hasadvantages and disadvantages but all are absolutely safe and reliable as long as youwork with binary options brokers that are reliable. If the broker is reliable there is really nothing to be afraid of, our money will always be safe, whatever the method which works for transferring money.

In any case the credit card has the advantage of being easy to use: you do the deposit directly from the broker, transferring money in real time and you can start to operate. The same can be said of electronic payment systems. The transfer is slower since depending on the timing of Italian banks can also lead to the expectation of 2 or 3days. In addition to making you need to contact support online binary options broker must provide bank information and other necessary details to make the payment.

Binary options are usually professional traders who use the bank transfer as the payment method since you need to transfer large sums of money. Traders instead invest a few hundred dollars can make other methods (credit card, Paypal, etc …) because it is more convenient and fast.

Withdraw your profits

The most enjoyable part of online trading binary options is to use the money you earn to realize their dreams or simply for everyday life. To do this you must withdraw your profits, i.e. make a transfer of all or part of the funds on your trading account toa bank account, a credit card or an account with Paypal or Moneybookers. The systems can be used for picking up are exactly the same as those used for the deposit. In addition, some binary options brokers to use for picking the same method as the deposit. This is a rather strict interpretation of the anti-money laundering legislation, which usually does not involve any major problems.

Sometimes it can happen, however, that you start trading with a few hundred eurodeposit with credit and will accumulate in the account tens of thousands of euros ofprofit. In this case agrees to talk with online support and prevent such a sum to be credited back to your credit card. Probably the ideal deposit and withdrawal methodconsists of electronic payment systems. In this case, it is possible to combine speed, comfort and ability to handle large sums of money.

Binary options markets

Binary options allow you to trade on a very large amount of assets. You can work on the forex market, on the stock market, commodities market and you can even operate directly on an index, such as the Down Jones, to bet on its performance (although the word bet is in no way correct in terms of binary options, since it is a tool of financial investment and not a gamble). In this article we analyze in detail all markets you can trade binary options.

Binary options and forex

The forex market is undoubtedly the main market, preferred by all trading and financial speculators. The fact is that it is, as you know, the financial market larger, more efficient and more profitable in the world. The market is very liquid and is almost always open, in practice it is only closed from Friday afternoon (when it closes New York) to Sunday night (when it reopens Tokyo).

It’s a market that is much loved by all traders to ensure higher profits. And this is also true for binary options. Studies have shown that the higher profits achieved by binary options traders were created right on forex.

This depends not only on the intrinsic nature of the market, even the huge availability of reports and forecasts that are available to all. Forex is the international currency market: this market will exchange currency pairs. For example, if we work on the euro/dollar exchange rate we can buy euros and sell dollars, or sell dollars and buy euros. It is never possible to operate on a single currency, you always work in pairs. Note that the forex market is an OTC market. When we work on forex binary options,instead, we must indicate what is the currency which according to our judgment will be strengthened by the expiration of the option.

The commodity market

A commodity is a commodity that is not perishable and salable in a standardized way, both in terms of quantity and quality. One of the most typical raw materials is oil, which is sold in barrels (units corresponding to ….) and of which there are different qualities (Brent, …). Commodity trading binary options means predicting the price of key commodities: gold, silver, oil. Many binary options brokers allow trading on other types of commodities; however you need to properly evaluate an investment in commodities.

While the main commodity market is liquid and efficient and extremely reliable and accurate analysis reports are available, for lesser commodities there could be problems. In this case you can invest but want to do this if and only if you have a thorough understanding of the market. Finally, remember that there are some dedicated to commodity exchanges, such as the famous Chicago Stock Exchange, but this market also works in OTC mode.

The stock market

The stock market is one of the leading markets in the world. Stock exchanges are held in stock and are tightly controlled by the authorities. The assets comprise equity securities, as is well known, namely by a quota that is the capital of a company. The possession of an action to be eligible to receive a share of the profits of the companyas well as the right to determine the decisions of the company itself (always in proportion to the size of the quota). Basically the value of an action depends on the profits that the company is able to do and especially by the perception that the market has on future profits.

When working with binary options, obviously, do not buy physically an action but itindicates if the price of that share will increase or decrease by the expiration of the option itself. It should be noted that the best binary options broker shall make provisions for securities options only larger, known worldwide and high capitalization and liquidity. Small companies, which usually give troubles more than binary options are excluded from opportunities.

The choice of market in which to invest

To choose the market in which to invest with binary options you need to examine your knowledge. In general it is always better to invest in a market that you know. However once the principles of financial trading can be applied without restriction in any market. It is obvious that you will need a minimum of knowledge, but this knowledge can be acquired quickly and easily thanks to the internet. What to choose if we start from scratch? If you do not know any market, one well and so I might as well start from forex, since it’s the market that gives the absolute best performance with binary options.